Burgess Company designed and built the first practical flashlight in the 1920’s.  They continued to produce quality flashlights and battery lanterns into the mid 1900s’.

Abundalite purchased the tooling and rights to produce several of the Burgess products.  Over the years,they kept the same quality design, improving on the components such as brighter and long lasting krypton bulbs and sealed beams, replacing the old open contact switch with a sealed, highly reliable switch and developing the battery storage box.  They made several thousand hand lanterns over the years which were sold by some of the “better know” brand name companies.   Several other outlets can be found on the internet offering a look-alike “off-shore” copy under various names selling in the $30-$40 range, but none of those offer the safety flasher or the Abundalite battery storage box and none are  “Made in the USA”.

Abundalite contacted Universal Stamping to make the metal and plastic parts used for the lanterns, using the old Burgess tooling.  Universal and Abundalite signed an agreement giving Universal ownership of the tooling and rights to manufacture and sell the various products.

The goal of Universal is to build and offer a top quality, dependable lantern, which is made in the USA.  Universal stamps and forms all the metal parts, molds the plastic parts and assembles the lanterns in Benton Harbor, Michigan.  The metal parts are chrome plated or powder coat painted locally.  The only purchased parts are the bulbs, the wire/connectors and the sealed switches.


The three lantern configurations look identical to products produced in the 1950’s because they are produced in the same way with the same tooling.   More lanterns will be offered as we clean and repair the old tooling.

The battery storage box offers the owner a choice of battery types including the standard "spring top" 6 volt battery and “D” cells (using an adapter available from Universal or available at most local electronic stores) .  Rechargeable 6 volt lantern batteries and rechargeable “D” cells can also be used, and are readily available.  The battery storage box also provides storage for a “spare” battery, first aid kit, small tools or anything else the customer might choose.

Unlike the "off shore" copies, Universal will be here, in the U.S.,  to support all customers to the best of our ability.